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Helmet MSA
Helmet MSA - Alat Teknik

* Made of PE shell                
* Extended peak for greter visibility and protection                
* Color : White, Blue ,Yellow ,Orange , Red , Green and Gray                               
* ANSI Z89.1              

Helmet Protector
Helmet Protector - Alat Teknik

* Lightweight ABS plastic shell            
* Rolled" Guter" Brim            
* 6- point webbing headgear            
* Replaceable terry towelling sweatband            
* Moulded slots accepts all protector             
   Clip-on accessories            
Color : White, Yellow , Blue , Green ,Red          


Helmet JSP
Helmet JSP - Alat Survey

* Based on the invincible short peak Comfort Plus                
   Helmt combined with a linesman                
   3- point Chinstrap harnees                
* Helmet offers 440v electrical insulation                
   * Color : White,  Yellow,  Green,  Blue,  Red, Orange                
* Conforms to EN 397, ANSI Z89              


Helmet Blue Eagle
Helmet Blue Eagle-Alat Teknik

* Safety cap ,Red    
* PE shell 

V-gard Helmet MSA Lokal       
V-Gard Helmt MSA LOKAL - Alat Teknik

* Made Of PE Shell                
* Color : White, Blue Yellow ,Orange , Red , Green and Gray              

Helmet Full Brim 
Helmet Full Brim - Alat Teknik

* ABS plastic shell                
* Full brim safety hat for extra protection                
* Not fitted with accessory slots                
* 6-point webbing headgear                
* Replaceable sweatband                
* color : white , yellow Red ,orange , blue , green , grey                
AS/NZS 1801  Lic No.014                
Satandards Australia              

Helmet Pemadam 
Helmet Pemadam - Alat Teknik

Best Performance                
To clean visitor , apply some common                
PH-neutral detergent                
With clear water using a soft cloth and                 
Wipe gentlyFinaly,wipe it dry with a lint free cloth                
Tinted and dark visor are not to be used at                 
nigth or inder any poor                
visibity condition as the reduse transmitted                
 light to the user                
* Original Material * Clear Vision * Anti Scratch                
 * Long life * Good Surface     

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