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Hammer Test MC
 Hammer Test MC

Measuring Ranges : 10 -60 Mpa
Impact energy : 2.207 ± 0.1J ( 0.225 Kgf.m )
Length of spring stretch : 75 ± 0.3mm
The Static friction of pointer slider : 0.65N - 0.15 N
radius of spherical tip : 25mm ± 1 mm
The average rebound values on steel anvil : 80 ± 2
Housing dimensions : Ø54 * 280 mm
Weight : 1 kg

Hammer Test Orginal Scmidth
Hammer Test Orginal Scmidth

Used to obtain an estimade of strength and quality of hardened concrete
Type : N
Made in : Swiss
Measuring Range : 10 to 70N/mm² Compressive strength ( below 25N/mm² type P is better sited )
Impact Energy : 2,207Nm
Rebound Value are read from a dial

Hammer Test NJ 80
Hammer Test NJ 80

When testing the strength of concrete,
the concrete test hammer uses a certain elastic force to transit the
Impact force of an impact hammer to the surface of concrete,
its initial kinetic energy redistributes,
a part of energy in the form of plastic deformation or residual
deformation is adsorbed by the concrete,
and another part of energy which is proportional to the surface
hardness is transmitted to the impact hammer.
Specification :
* Made In : Korea
* Type : NJ 80
* Measuring Range : 100 – 600 kg/ cm2
* Impact Energy : 1.4kg

Concrete Hammer Test
Concrete Hammer Test

Measuring ranges: 10-60MPa
Impact energy: 2.207J (0.225Kgf.m)
Spring extension: 75mm
The static friction of pointer slider: 0.5N±0.8N
Radius of spherical tip : 25mm±1mm
The average rebound values on steel anvil: 80±2
Housing dimensions: F54*278mm
Weight: ± 1.5 Kg

Concrete Hammer Test terdiri dari :
1. Main Unit Concrete Test Hammer
2. Desiccant
3. Millstone
4. Technical Information with Instrument
5. Manual Concrete Test Hammer
6. Product Certification
7. Product three packs of Cards

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